• Dec. - Presentation on “The 2023 Good News of the Cyber Fusion Centre” (at the Northwave NCS Good News Show)
  • Nov. - Panel discussion on “Research Impact in Academia and Industry” (at the 1st Computer Science PhD Day at University of Twente)
  • Nov. - Presentation on “Explaining Microsof Cyber Security Investment (CSI) program”(at a customer)
  • Nov. - Presentation on “Basics and foundations of ML/AI”(at ISACA RISK Event ‘23)
  • Oct. - Presentation on “A way to build your modern work security handbook”(at ALSO Cloud Summit ‘23)
  • Sep. - Presentation on “About the Northwave Cyber Fusion Centre”(at Northwave General Meeting Team (GMT3))
  • Sep. - Presentation on “Ransomware [pt-br]”(at the RNP WRT RS)
  • Sep. - Presentation on “Discussing and Inspiring on Artificial Intelligence”(at the General Counsel Dinner of Loyens & Loeff)
  • Sep. - Presentation on “Explaining Microsoft Security Licenses”(at a customer)
  • Jul. - Keynote speech (at the student graduation of the University of Twente Honours Program)
  • Jun. - Presentation on “When science fiction becomes reality?! About machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence and the future of cyber.”(at the International Cyber Security Conference - Northwave Client Event)
  • Jun. - Presentation on “Cyber Security and the Future”(at a customer)
  • Apr. - Presentation on “ChatGPT”(at the Northwave Pizza, Phun, and Pwnage (PPP))
  • Apr. - Presentation on “Connecting the dots on ransomware”(at a customer)
  • Mar. - Presentation on “About Northwave”(at a Microsoft Defender For Cloud event)
  • Jan. - Presentation on “Ransomware”(at the Twente Cyber Cafe)