Day 5, 6, 7, and 8

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In this post I will briefly describe how it is going on with me in the beginning of the day (again).

Day 5. I didn’t manage to write here. Milena was awake at 3 a.m. She returned to sleep at 7 a.m. then My day was destroyed. I begin the day hoping to have the energy to finish it. So, I skipped the morning routine. I’ve managed to pray but my focus was not there. As I said, day 5 was difficult. My manager C. needed a couple of slides, then I had MS NEO program, then there was a bunch of annoyingness with Twijzel project and UC repository, then there was the meeting with MS J., then there was the introduction to Sentinel, then there was M., then C., … I was so destroyed that I stopped at 4 p.m. took a bath (followed by a shower). It was TOOOO hot that day.

Day 5 (still). The Azure Sentinel training was the most challenging. Milena went to sleep and I couldn’t be in the room at her side anymore. I came downstairs. My in-laws’ were passing all the time. Then, PostNL appeared. Dog barking. Well, it was “a ramp.” Chaos! Still, I’ve managed to say what I’ve intended to the new engineers. I think, they liked! The working day ended with a great talk with engineers. We talked about nothing but it was super nice.

Still day 5. It was “patata dag.” It was so warm at home. After eating we played a round of Rummikub. I won. My in-laws’ returned to their home. Priscilla and I watched “Siners.” I think we almost finished. It was 10 p.m. Yes, I was supposed to stop at 9:30 p.m. to do my night routine. Well, after my routine, I went to sleep, like a rock.

Day 6. Saturday. I woke up at 5:30. It was the first time that I’ve arrived downstairs after the alarm. I was afraid Milena would wake up. No. I managed to pray and left for a run. After that, I stretched the legs, did some abs and came upstairs to give milk to Milena. I didn’t wrote here. I’ve tried but it was Saturday and my route was difficult to be followed. I pushed myself to study for MS500 I just did it for 2 hours after lunch and before we left to see Rafa’s family.

Day 6. So nice. I love Rafa’s family like mine. It is amazing to see S. growing and F. smiling. Every time that We see F. it is impossible to do no compare with Milena. He is so easy going, while Milena contemplates more and interact less. He goes well with everyone. She needs some time to acknowledge you. He laughs to anyone. She half-laughs to some people (with effort). I don’t know if this is good or bad. I keep watching. She has 18 teeth (my little shark), he has 4. I love all, S., F. and their parents.

Day 7. Sunday. Resting day. what we did… Ah, I’ve studied for a couple of hours. Not enough. Day 8 will be full of study. The most magical moment of day 7 was when I’ve decided to join Priscilla and Milena to the little park 300m from home. It was so nice to push Milena in the swing.

Day 8. “faca na caveira.” I can do it.