Almost no Day 4

2 minute read


In this post I will briefly describe how it is going on with me in the beginning of the day (again).

Today didn’t start well. I got up around 6:10 when my second alarm rang. My resting heart rate is higher than yesterday. Milena woke up at 6:30. Well, no exercise today. At least I prayed. However, I don’t remember a single word of it. I remember that the reading was about “David eating the bread from the temple, already consecrated.” Ah, I did a couple of abs. This is not part of the routine. I don’t expect that only this abs will make any difference. Overall, I was not in a good mood in this morning. Sorry tchucurita (i.e., Priscillinha).

Ah, I remember that when my first alarm rung (at 5:30) there was also an email just arriving. I thought it was a nightmare but it was someone in another time zone. My computer was still buzzing all notification. I can say: I was not happy about it!

Yesterday, I went a bit later to bed. I was moving weights and bars downstairs, for today. I didn’t use them. Whatever. Yesterday, we shared a bag of salty chips and then I was forced to drunk a couple of glasses of water. The excuse here was that we both did exercise. Shit excuse! but life is also about enjoying.

Before leaving home, Milena and Dembê were at the door requesting to go with me. M y wife got my smile when she did the same scene as Milena and Dembê. I love them so much. My wife lately has been even greater! I think she was always great but over time we stop paying attention in the details. Ah, tonight, my in-laws will come to babysit Milena tomorrow. Then, Priscilla is in “that mood:” ‘crazy cleaning.’ I’ve promised to clear the toilet and the bathroom. I don’t dare to do not do it. I just need to do my part and everything will be okey. I think =D

Well, I manage to arrive at 8:30 together with Colin, who is an engineer that I love to work with. He is punctual, precise, careful, very good technically, creative. On top of that, his eyes give me peace enjoy. And, on top of that, his believes are in line with mine. So, I have nothing bad to say about him.

My agenda today is full of things. I hope to do everything and be able to breathe. Here we go! Time for a coffee and sparkling water. Yes, I love both. Northwave has both in unbelievable high quality.

See you tomorrow.