Day 3

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In this post I will briefly describe how it is going on with me in the beginning of the day.

Well, today my 5:30 routine worked well. I was feeling very tired but both my Fitbit and my Garmin watches showed that I am more rested than yesterday. So, all good. I was very happy to see that I’m falling asleep faster. I strongly believe this is a consequence of my night routine. The only routine that I still didn’t manage to get on time is the of writing here. I need to re-think the habit loop on that (cue->routine->reward; added to the craving). Today is my UTwente day. So, no more delays. I will focus on our IJNM submission, then read a chapter from a student, then prepare for another student. Oh my God, I forgot to review the paper of the other student. Okey. Things will be added to my agenda.

  • Note: I’m surprised to see that Github changed its interface.
  • Note: Milena fall badly from the couch yesterday.

See you tomorrow.