Day 2, again

2 minute read


In this post I show that although I’m late I still came here to talk to you.

Good afternoon! Yes, I didn’t manage to write here in the morning. Yesterday, I’ve also postponed this task. The reason is that when I sit in front of the computer a lot of things come to my mind. There are many things to be done. Then, instead of writing, I check slack and my email. Then I’m already late and the next meeting will start. I have a good reason for do not call it as day 0 again: I did my 5:30 routine!

For some reason, Milena woke up at 4 a.m. I thought that she would return to sleep but no. Then, I decided to give her milk, put her again to bed and pray for her to sleep. YES, she slept and I had more 30 minutes to nap before my 5:30 alarm rang. I was very happy that I manage to do the 5:30 routine. Today, I’ve rowed and for the first time Garmin said that my ‘training status’ is ‘peaking’. Accordingly to the app ‘peaking’ means “you are in ideal race condition! Your recently reduced training load is allowing your body to recover and fully compensate for earlier training.” Tomorrow is running day!

Yesterday, Milena arrived from the “gastouder” very tired (annoyed). She was crying for nothing. She was throwing herself on the ground for nothing. Well, she was being our little monster. After dinner, while Priscilla went for a run, I brought Milena to her first experience playing on the swing. At first, she didn’t understand the movement. After that, she liked. This experience is so simple but teaches me something: it is so important to try new experiences. Sometimes we don’t like it but sometimes our life changes forever. I’m glad I could give this experience to her.

As a post in the middle of the day, till now my working day was very intense. MS-NEO program, meetings, plus meetings, plus reviewing monitoring use cases. I noticed that I need to be closer to the deployment of Azure Sentinel use cases. Some KQL queries were wrongly written and redundant. I took this as lessons learned. The remainder of my afternoon will be focussed on MS-500 certification (7 days to go), then Twijzel, then Zuna, then helping Marisca. I’m positive I will be able to finish what I’ve promised. This is the most important.

See you tomorrow.