Day 1, reality back

3 minute read


In this post, I’m just sharing the beginning of my day after a vacation with my family

How have you been? My holidays were great. We spent time with friends, family, God, and with each other (Priscilla, Milena and me). My time at the retreat in a monastery helpt me to think about what should I do to be more productive. On top of that, it helpt me to think about how to have my life in balance. My take-away is that I need to be more structured, organized, and habit/routine-driven. I always “bully” people tooo structured but here I am hungry for it.

Yesterday there was something amazing. It was fathers day and my wife made an effort to make me extra happy. We went for the first time biking in the region. I didn’t find the park that I intended to, Milena was annoyed but the key to our stress was our dog Dembê. Son-of-a-dog! he was too tired to run and to enthusiastic to stay put in the little chariot attached to my bike. It was a pain in the ass. First, the entire situation annoyed my wife (a LOT). Then, her annoyances made me sad. Still, I think for the first time, she insisted on me and at the moment. We went to a beach, Dembê was not able to enter. And my wife still went to play on the sand and the water with Milena. She made my day. I love them so much.

Today, I started well (5:30 routine). The prayer was longer than I thought (it looks like today is an especial day to the church, something related to the saints, something to check). The running was great (~5k). I did a new route thanks to the Garmin 245 Music that my wife gave to me. It was so nice to run on a bridge and see the “Amsterdam-rijncanal.” Back home, I thought. In the end, I did some shit and my watch didn’t store my run of today. Whatever, it is on my mind.

In 8 days I have an exam to achieve the MS-500 certification, a Microsoft exam. I think I was over-optimistic about time (as usual). I really need to correct it. I thought that I would study for it during my vacations. I was wrong. That is good and bad. Good because I barely worked during my holidays and bad because, well, the exam is in 8 days. I can do it. I am pretty sure. I just need to make sure I prepare for it during my working time instead of my personal time. There are also a couple of things to do related to the partnership Northwave and Microsoft. I’m so happy that now I have access to the private preview of MS security developments. I have so much to learn. I’m looking forward to it. There is so much to do this week BUT I’m so confident that everything will be good… May God help me to stick to the plan and still be able to feel free and happy.

See you tomorrow.