Day 0, again

2 minute read


In this post, I summarize wonderful moments in the last two days.

Today, I’ve so much to say. Let’s begin with two days ago. As I said, I went out with a good friend, João. The last time we met we played Rock n’ Roll Racing [1] for SNES emulator in Raspberry Pi [2] till 4 a.m. This is very simple but so nice. We love to explode each other in the game. We ended that game night smoking fancy cigars. I’m not a smoking person but I like the experience of talking deep things while smoking. Sounds like a western scene to me. This time, instead of smoking at the end, we begin our night smoking and drinking (i.e. Laphroaig, a single malt scotch whisky). He was drinking something 0.0% alcohol. Well, he is still my friend, #nojudgment. We talked about life, about believes, about the future, about happiness, about friends, about simple things in life, about everything and nothing. After that we went to a super blinking, noise, sparkling, game place, another day I might describe it to you, not today. I left Enschede at 2 a.m. after eating a shoarma in front of “De Muur” [3] just to sleep with a full belly.

Well, hours later, back in Glanerbrug, I woke up to drive my family back home. So, no 5:30 routine yesterday! Arriving in Utrecht we had lunch and begin cleaning the house. We ended cleaning around dinnertime. We had great chicken in the airfyer with white rice, and minutes later we ate weird broccoli with garlic. Just one week away from the kitchen and my wife was a bit lost (especially with the annoyingness of our little hungry monster who didn’t sleep in the afternoon). As Milena was very tired we fight with each other. She only became calm when Priscilla came with her sweet voice. Nighttime, Milena on bed, we enjoy a series and each other. My wife cried of joy and my heart was full of peace. I fed Milena, did my sleeping routine and shutdown.

Next day, well, I didn’t wake up at 5:30 again. I just woke up in the next alarm at 6:10, when I was supposed to leave for a run. It didn’t happen. I stayed on bed till Milena woke up, at 6:50. Then, I gave her milk, prepare her bread and we had breakfast together. After that we played. It was wonderful. Today, here is father’s day but to me sounds just as a normal amazing day with my daughter.

Well, I thought I had more to say but here it is. Now, I will prepare some photos to illustrate how great were the last days. See you tomorrow, possibly ‘day 1’ again.