Day 2

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In this post I will simply update you about my morning with Milena, Rob, Dembê and a beautiful beginning of the day

Today, Milena woke up at 5:00. I put her on our bed and we stayed half-play-half-trying-to-sleep. At 5:30 I came down with her. I gave her milk, prepared her break and I was ready to pray. Yesterday, the “Laudate” app with all the payers that I used stopped working. So, no psalm or office of readings. Instead, I prayed the three readings of the daily mass. The message stick to my mind was: “be like a child to enter into heaven.”

I use to have a kids heart with an adult mind and an old soul. Although I have a kid at home, I lately have not been playing with my daughter as much as I thought I would. Well, I also would like to do it more. Without looking into my phone, computer or tv. Just me, her and the world of creativity.

Instead of around 6 a.m., I was ready to run at 6:30. Running in Glanerbrug is always full of joy to me because my father-in-law, Rob, bikes at my side. Today we four were together, Rob pulled by Dembê (my dog), and I pulling Milena in her stroller. It was very pleasant. It is so good to be here with them. It is so great to be part of this family. Milena loves her grandparents so much. It is nice to see it.

Today, I didn’t plan any ‘Pomodoro’ to read or to listen to a book. Well, today I may be very interrupted by my family. But this is all about enjoying life. I know, some things will fail on my planning, but here I am, with you, writing to say that I want this habit with all my strengths.

Today I may drink whiskey and smoke cigar. Not that I ‘love’ smoking. But it is great to be in this vibe with my friend João. Well, let’s see if this worked out tomorrow. I keep you posted.