After a retreat - day 1

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In this post I will update you how was the beginning of the first day after my retreat

Well, my wife went to pick me up with my daughter, my sister in law and my mother in law. I was outside waiting for them. I have the expectation my wife and daughter would like to see my room and the garden of the monastery. Well, it didn’t happen. I was disappointed. In my mind, I said, “this is it, back to reality. Don’t expect that others will do what you want or dreamed for. Do your part and be very happy with it. Eventually, things will be as you would like. And if this doesn’t happen, well, find others beautiful things around. There is no reason to stay sad. Just smile and keep moving.”

The end of the retreat was very nice. I checked my ‘wish list’ for my retreat and I got the most important: “reset, give a great push and maintain the inertia”. Well, today is day 1 and I got up at 5:30, did my prayers, and went for a walk. Now, I’m here writing to you. So far so good. Actually, not that perfect. Milena’s needs made me re-shuffle, postpone and cancel other tasks. Maybe I was too idealistic. Well, I will correct it for tomorrow. ah, and I didn’t put a time to stay with my wife (in the morning). This is another important thing I need to put in my agenda for tomorrow.

Yesterday, I broke my retreat to have a meeting with a PhD (and friend) that I supervise with three other professors. Sadly, today I received a message from her saying that “none of her four supervisors read her document.” Being truthful, I think she is completely right. Well, my supervisors barely read what I wrote as well. But the fact that this happened to me and so many other PhD, MSc, and BSc students is not a guarantee that it will happen to all students. Maybe this is a pattern, a bad one I would say. My take-away, I definitely don’t want to be another number. I know, I’ve made MANY promises to this student; I want to change it now. I will add to my list of habits: to read weekly what my students are doing or have done. Wednesday morning! after meeting you here. Deal?

See you tomorrow? well, I will be here.