Retreat at Sisters of Denekamp, day 2

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In this post, I would like to tell you my impressions on the second day of my retreat.

Good morning? Once again I’m trying to create the habit to wake up early, pray and exercise. To be more precise, I intend to wake up at 5:30, pray the Office of Readings [1], and build-up endurance to eventually run a marathon. So far, so good! Well, this is the first morning that I woke up here at the Sisters of Denekamp, House of Francis. So, everything has a starting point.

Let me tell you how is here. Here is peaceful and lovely. Some people asked me why I’m doing a retreat in times of pandemic. Either way, at home or here, I would stay ‘locked’ in a place. Dear friend, the difference is that here I don’t need to care about external ‘things.’ There is someone to prepare my food, there is a green place to run, and I don’t need to fight to be with myself. The world is very distracting (to me, at least). Here is one of a few Dutch monasteries already open in this period. On top of that, here is very close to my Dutch family. Then, Priscilla would be helped with taking care of Milena. A win-win situation!

Yesterday, I discovered there is another guest in the house, an old Sister from the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Zr. Marijke. We see eachother during meals. She lives in the Hague and she came here to do a retreat and enjoy her vacations (like me). She was born in 1938 (yes, ~82 years old, Oh my God). She is Dutch and lovely talkative. She said today during the breakfast: “here is so perfect!” She has been impressed about the place (green with flowers everywhere) and the care with details of the sisters (for example with the food). The place is neat. Everything looks new. Most of the doors are opening with RFID tags. Very impressive infrastructure.

Funny thing, today, after running I realized that I forgot my soap to take a shower. Ahhhh, I also realized that I brough only one extra underpants. Then, I went to the toilet downstairs and took twenty sprayes of the hand soap. Half of this I used to take a shower and the other half I washed my swety underpants. I hope it will be dry by tomorrow! =D

Talk to you tomorrow, or soon!




[1] Liturgy of the Hours