The goal of this Website is to vizualize the information provided by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) on COVID-19 cases in the Netherlands. Although RIVM is keeping the population aware about the cases, there is no graphical visualization of it. This is my contribution to the society. This Website is updated every day around 15:00. We also created a group and a bot on Telegram that sends an update every hour with information. Feel free to join it by clicking HERE!

Disclaimer: [31-03-2020] RIVM stopped sharing the number of positive cases of COVID19 per municipality. Now, the data available is related to the number of hospitalized people per municipality. The source-code and the graphs in this Website were updated reflecting the changes.

COVID-19 patients per day in the Netherlands

Important: The RIVM stated that “the actual number of infections with COVID-19 is higher than the number of reports in this update because not everyone suspected of a COVID-19 infection is tested (anymore).”