This is one of my passions! I love to talk about Booters, Network Management and Security in general. Every time I try to re-create my presentations aiming to find an even more enthusiastic way to present my stuff. Could you please, give a comment if you ever saw one of my presentations? To check some of my presentations you can access my slideshare.


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Want to see me on the Dutch national news? This was a reportage about my research. Unfortunately my Dutch is not as good as my research (yet), but my promoter Prof. Aiko Pras explained brilliantly the things that I was willing to say:
Want to know about one of the project that pays my salary? This was the video that I created to describes the project and the Youtube Channel of the project that I'm glad to work on.
Want to learn a bit more about DDoS attacks? This was the video that I created together with my promoter to explain one of the most common types of attacks: Distributed Reflection Denial of Service (DRDoS)
Want to see me presenting my research? This was when I won the best pitch of the annual CTIT Symposium organized by the University of Tente. Sorry for my bad English (I was a bit nervous). =D
Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 00.38.58Having a huge pleasure to shared a lecture with my promoter Aiko Pras. I start talking at minute 32:31. The topic: Booters, of course =D
TNC2016 PragueThis was an awesome presentation at the TNC16 Networking Conference, which is the main conference for educational networks in the world (NRENs). I had a slot of time to present in the section called 'Ludo - kids playing Distributed Denial of Service'. You can watch everything or go directly to time 22:53 when I start presenting my research.